May 9, 2019
Can direct income support help farmers?

BJP-led goverment came up with PM-Kisan scheme to provide Rs 6,000 annual income support to small farmers while Congress party is promising Rs 72,000 for poor families through NYAY scheme.

How will these help deal with consistent farm crisis and where will the money come from? How the new government can deal with indebtedness of farmers, loan waivers. Is there a way to implement market reforms that will ensure that farmers get the minimum support price for their crops?

Can agricullture revival help deal with mounting unemployment and halt rural to urban migration? 

Food and trade policy expert Devinder Sharma talks in details about these aspects, chalking out a roadmap for the next government. He quotes example of Kerala where a debt relief commission waives off loan amount upto Rs 75,000 on case to case basis. 

On income suipport, he says that farmers have been denied their rightful income for several years and the PM-Kisan and NYAY are steps in right direction. "Now it will be very difficult for the political leadership to go back on this," he said.

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