GOI Monitor relies heavily on its contributors to support the cause of monitoring. You can be a journalist, a student, an expert on policy issues or anybody else willing to share thoughts concerning government policies. GOI Monitor also invites NGOs and social activists to collaborate with us.

Here are the tasks you can help us with:

Ideate- GOI Monitor is always looking for new ideas to work on. Let us know whenever you get to know about something that is worth writing about. Also we would like to hear about the issues from your part of the world.

File RTI applications- For investigative stories, the team relies on procurement of official documents using the Right To Information Act. We need people who can file these applications and analyse the documents.

Write- You can write about performance of government projects, field reports depicting ground realities, issues related to judiciary and particular legislations and your own opinion on an issue you strongly feel about.

Edit- We need editors with good language skills who can revise and amend a write up so that it reads better.

Visualise- No story is complete without an appealing visual to go with. It can be a picture or an illustration. So if you have an interest in photography or are good at photoshop and other drawing tools, you can be a great asset to the team. We also feature amateur videos as well as professional documentaries.

Promote- Help spread a word about the website among your friends through social networking sites like Facebook besides mouth-to-mouth publicity. We also intend to establish a network of NGOs and experts working in different fields. So, if you know people who can be of help, do let the team know.

Happy Monitoring